How To Block Someone From Using Apps On Your Mac

Mac App BlockerA large number of the security vulnerabilities and fewer exploits that Mac users should worry about require physical access to the Mac. That means bad guys who have your Mac can do bad things to it.

Well, duh. There are other security issues to consider besides chaining your Mac to a 500-pound desk, or super gluing it to the top of the desk. A good password helps. Securing and backing up data helps, too. And so does a clever Mac security tool which prevents unauthorized users from using your apps.

Think about how cool this idea is. It’s one thing for someone to get your Mac, but it’s something else again to prevent a thief, co-worker, family member, neighbor or former friend from using any app on the Mac.

That’s exactly what the perfectly name Mac App Blocker app does. It password protects the apps on your Mac so they can’t be used. How cool is that?

Mac App Blocker

The way Mac App Blocker works is straightforward to the point of self explanatory. First, the app lists all your Mac’s apps. You select the ones you want to block, add a password, and you’re good to go.

Mac App Blocker logs attempts to use those apps; date, time, photo. Even better, it features a schedule for each application on your Mac– or all apps if you want to keep it simple– so they’re blocked at specific times during the day, an unblocked at other times. That means no one can read your Mail even when you’re away for lunch. There’s even a clever stealth mode fake error message so the thief won’t know the app is password protected.

Mac App Blocker

Who needs Mac App Blocker? Anyone with a Mac who is worried, concerned, or more than a little paranoid about who could use your Mac while you’re away. That makes it perfect for anyone using a Mac at work, students, or households with a shared Mac or multiple Macs.