Yet Another Free Way To View Free YouTube Videos On Your Mac

TubblerOne thing is certain and sure about modern 21st century life– everything is changing. Remember when cable television ruled the home entertainment world? Those days are gone and not likely to return thanks to a dramatic change in viewing habits.

A good example of this is streaming video, particularly YouTube. Name another video entertainment service that gets more eyeballs each day than YouTube?

All I hear are crickets (it’s Atlanta in the spring; bugs are everywhere).

Our high school and college age children watch videos, but more often than not they’re viewing something on iPad or iPhone or Mac as often as they watch traditional television. YouTube is just one of many, which explains the few dozen YouTube watching apps available for the Mac.

The latest being used by Child #2 is called Tubbler. I suspect it’s pronounced ‘toob-ler.’ Not ‘tub-ler.’ But Tubular would be a better name. Regardless, this is a free and easy to use Google YouTube video player that has plenty of use features.


Tubular makes it easy to find YouTube videos, select downloaded and stored videos to play in a queue, and more. As an example, you can play a single video from YouTube or play all the movies, and do it without having Flash installed on your Mac.

Tubular gives you playback controls, works with Apple Remote, and can run Fullscreen on a Mac. The claim from the developer is that Tubbler doesn’t use much of the Mac’s CPU, and I can confirm that. It’s using less than having YouTube videos play in Safari, and much less than Google’s own Chrome app (which has Flash built-in).

Nicely done, useful, and free.