Here It Is: Your Last Best Chance To Rip DVDs To Your Mac

MTRThe times are changing. It seems like only yesterday that DVDs replaced VHS tapes which replaced Sony’s ill-fated Betamax. Who among the Mac faithful do not have a large library of DVD movies that reached the pinnacle of collectibility just as DVDs became totally passé, about to be replaced by Netflix and downloads.

What can you do with all those DVD movies when Macs don’t come with SuperDrive DVD players and it’s hard to find a DVD player at Best Buy (they’re hidden, I swear)? How about an age old response to an age old problem? Rip ’em to your Mac.

That’s what MacTheRipper does. It rips DVD movies from the DVD to your Mac. You know, for backup and archival purposes; part of the fair-use of digital media purchased legally. MTR is all professional looking with the new charcoal look that says, well, you know– professional.

MTR for Mac

MTR is not just a simple DVD movie extractor. It has four extraction modes; one for the standard ISO image, one for the Main Feature, one for the Batch Title Extraction, and one for Rip&Rebuild for VTS-level edits.

The stand-alone DVDProbe utility allows for deeper analysis for more challenging DVDs. Regardless, MTR can batch rip multiple DVDs, and even rip multiple DVDs simultaneously if you have a Mac with chained DVD players.


I’ve used MTR for years to archive DVDs and store them on external disks. The Mincey Mac Plantation has only one Mac with a SuperDrive DVD players so I’m making a concerted effort to ensure that our entire collection of DVDs can be ripped and saved.

The only caveat is the same as it has always been. Some DVDs just cannot be ripped.

And, there’s the new issue of the name. Is it MacTheRipper? Or, just MTR? Regardless, DVD ripping is going the way of the dinosaurs. Get ’em ripped while you can.