This Great Mac Game Is Best Played On A Giant iPad Pro Or A New Apple TV

BackgammonWe Mincey folks are gamers. Game enough to have plenty of games on every device, an Xbox, a PlayStation, and a pumped up PC with a couple of rad graphic cards and giant screens attached. And what game do we play the most?

Poker. So much for high tech hardware for the ultimate gaming experience, right? Also high on the list of games we play as a family or with friends is digital Backgammon HD, which has versions for almost any hardware, Mac, iPhone, Windows, Google Play, Linux, even Amazon and Samsung devices.

On the Mac Backgammon HD is a classic representation of a classic game with 3D view rotation and zoom, an option to play against the Mac (actually, the game itself), but perfect for one-on-one competition or groups.


The game renders beautifully on a Mac with Retina display, but what struck me about such games is how different they are from playing an actual Backgammon board game. Analog Backgammon, if you will.

On a board game, players sit around a table or on the floor with the game laid out flat, roll the dice, and interact with one another. On a digital game, the Mac in particular (though the same issue arises with Window and Linux), the screen is vertical which somewhat limits the number of players who gather around to play.

That problem could be solved with a couple of upcoming enhances that Apple could bring to market. First, Apple TV with game options. That would turn a TV screen into a giant Backgammon table, visible to all in a living room or family room setting. Second, the long rumored iPad Pro could be placed on a table and become a digital equivalent of a Backgammon board.

If I were to bet money on anything but poker and ponies, I’d go for an Apple TV that played games (and not the AirPlay mirroring method; real Apple TV games).