Free: How To Remove Duplicate Email Messages In OS X’s Mail App

Remove DuplicateMost of us already know that the killer app of the internet era is email. No, not because we like email. It’s the killer app because we hate it so much that our rage and anger and anxiety could kill us (at the very least email causes blood pressure to rise).

So, what would you say to a free Mac utility which helps to reduce time devoted to processing incoming email messages? Good, right? And it’s also free. Better, right? That’s the story behind Remove Duplicate Messages for Mail.

Other than fear factor followed by a sense of relief, there’s not much to Remove Duplicate Messages. It’s a free AppleScript which does nothing more than scan messages in Mail by examining the headers for MessageID, Subject, From, and Date. That’s usually all that’s needed to determine if a message has a duplicate somewhere in Mail’s Inbox. The duplicates get scanned, flagged, and deleted, so there are fewer messages for you to sort through, thereby reducing your blood pressure, and saving you some time.

What’s the catch?

It’s a visual thing. Remove Duplicate Messages is an AppleScript which does the deed of finding and deleting duplicate email messages. Here’s a view of the developer’s website. Don’t let the pirate-like skull and crossbones fool you.

Jolly Roger Kicks Ass may seem an odd name choice for a website devoted to a long list of software utilities, but that’s the case. For Remove Duplicate Messages you’ll need to scan through the list of utilities, find the one titled Remove Duplicate Messages-Mail, download it, unzip it, and follow the Read Me instructions. It’s all good.